I blog now. Blogging is cool.


In my last post, I commented about how I was probably going to abandon this blog in three days.


Look at the date on that entry, and then look at the date on this one. Yeeeeeeah. I know myself all too well.


Last night, I asked on Twitter if I should start a blog. A few people said I should, and since I have the habit of living my life by committee, I decided to make an account here. I had completely forgotten that I already had one, and when I saw my twitter handle and a mysterious blanked out password in the log in box at the top of the screen, it was like I had discovered a gift left from Me-In-An-Alternate-Timeline.

I’m not normally a forgetful person, but things like this make me believe that Doctor Who isn’t some sci-fi adventure program, it’s actually a reality show about a pretty adorable English or Scottish-but-pretending-to-be-English guy who has impeccable fashion sense but questionable culinary tastes and likes to spend time with redheaded Amys.  In my world, this completely works, and I do hope none of you decide to burst my bubble.  I NEED this, y’all.

Anyway, here I am. Yes, again. I have fantastic intentions to be more regular here, but we all know that I’ll more than likely update you next in about six months. See you then!



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