Procrastinatin’ Polly


Instead of doing housework today, I decided to sew a pair of bloomers because there is nothing that needs to be cleaned as badly as I need a pair of bloomers. Toilets can be dirty, but me not having a completely frivolous item of clothing might end up as some kind of tragedy.  Won’t someone please think of the children?

Ahem. Anyway.


I have not worked on the bloomers at all, except to look at a few pieces of fabric to try to see which pattern would be best. Not that it matters, but still. I’ve spent all morning procrastinating about the thing that I was using to procrastinate about other things.

Today, I was supposed to clean the house make bloomers. That turned into me learning about the various uses for oilcloth, investigating the thrilling world of vintage doilies, finding some amazing bloggers, petting the dog, and figuring out whether I want to make bread again today. (Spoiler: I don’t.)

Maybe I just want to be totally honest when my hubs comes home, asks what I did today, and I reply “nothing”. That must be it– I’m actually helping our relationship grow. Honesty’s good, right?  He had better be impressed.


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